Jony Ive, Steve Jobs and pseudo 3D design

Many might think what I thought yesterday:

Jony Ive is not Steve Jobs. Steve understood how usual people tick. He liked having the skeudomorphic design around, as computing devices and especially software is something inherently abstract that needs to be made understandable for the usual customer. Jony Ive just seems to only have his designers point of view. Now a button is now indistinguishable from a usual text label.

Here’s a quick thought for you:

What if Jony Ive didn’t want to make everything flat? What if Jony Ive just understood that shadows and borders are only useful if you have to create the illusion of 3D?

What if the paralax effect is the simple soution for many of those design problems in usual apps’s GUIs?

, Posted Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 under Usability.

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