2017 Macbook Pro Iteration

I got the newest Macbook Pro 15” with very mixed feelings. I needed a speed bump, and I seriously got it. The other positive angle is the TouchID sensor, which spares me from typing my password about 6-8 times a day (as 1Password supports it).

BUT. In capital letters.

The Touchpad is much too big. Technology that switches it off while you’re typing is working, also it recognizes when you rest one of your palms on it while using the pad with the other hand. BUT still sometimes your palms are merely touching it and get mistaken for fingers, which is hugely irritating. ALSO the bezel between Touchpad and keyboard is very thin, so as I’m usually resting my unused thumbs below the space bar, now this sometimes moves the cursor. ALSO the bezel between Touchpad and the edge of the laptop is very thin, so when I had the Macbook on my lap, sometimes my belly or so triggered the Touchpad to lock as it understands it’s no finger, but this stopped it from working from time to time and not register actual clicking or tapping with my fingers. OVERALL, the Touchpad is a huge pain in the ass with the new Macbook Pro 15”.

The Control Strip is also an extremely big BUT for many reasons. First and foremost, you can’t rest your hands on the former F-keys anymore, as any touch will trigger the screen to go dark or some app exposé to open or whatever. Second, you cannot feel the key anymore. It wasn’t a problem for me to instantly hit the ESC key, but for everything else, you most likely have to actually take a look where to press. The app-specific control strip keys sometimes don’t work as expected and generally, I find it very confusing to have the strip change while I switch between apps, so I fixed the layout to what you can see in the image.

Also, I’m in adapter hell now, but actually, this doesn’t feel too bad. Get a good hub and some simple cheap adapters from Amazon, and you’re good to go.

, Posted Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 under Reviews.


  1. MacBook Pro new, with the control strip is totally disturbing. And it takes more time to use it for Fx functions or change light or volume ect ect. It is not faster and it needs you to look at it carefully when you use it. And it is too easy to touch accidentally when you are writing fast.
    I would prefeed an extra line of real buttons, it much faster.
    Whoever designed that, need to go back to design academy, jeez.

    And the magic mouse, cannot charge and be used at the same time. Whoever designed that, need to go back to design academy, jeez.

  2. Vielen Dank für diesen gut formulierten und hilfreichen Artikel, der mir sehr bei der Recherche geholfen hat. Ich finde es sehr Schade das du nicht mehr Aktiv an deinen Blog arbeitest, da mir dein Schreibstil sehr gefällt.

    Liebe Grüße aus Hannover
    W. Wengenroth

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