Why Social Media only works for the Winners

Seth Godin

Yesterday, I summed up what viral marketing is intended to be. And I think that its as unrealistical as other social media to work well, if you’re not willing to invest a really big amount of time. But why do I think so even if Seth Godin tells us the opposite? (And he’s clearly more clever than I am!)

Well, to be able to launch a viral campain, you need to have a really creative idea. And you need a BIG reach, be that on Twitter or Facebook or Digg, or better on all of these. Maybe there are some who have success in social media despite of their small reach or a mediocre idea, but I guess there are also people winning the lottery from time to time.

What I intend to say is that Social Media or Viral Marketing only works, if you already have a big reach or a big budget to get people and campains running. Social Media basically works for the winners (of Social Media). If Seth Godin drops a link, the target site gets its audience, but if I drop a link it might have two or three visitors more. Even if I really drop high quaility links all the time.

The only thing that you can do when you’re shooting for Social Media is building up a reputation (or a “tribe”), then it will *maybe* work for you some day. But please don’t invest too much time if you’re not willing to bring it to an end.

, Posted Monday, May 10th, 2010 under Privat.

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