We need a “Delete old Documentation Day”

DODD - Delete Old Documentation Day 15 feb
Old documentation in maven and ServiceMix caused much trouble for me, and I know for many other people. And I’m sure these are not the only projects that have a lot of meaningless, deprecated documentation around doing nothing than confusing people. Then people always cheat and say they are to busy to update documentation everytime they add a new feature or they fix a bug or something else changes; as documentation is nothing more than time waste, right?

You know, we have Google. If all the wrong documentation were gone, we would either find the correct documentation or the programmers would realize nobody can use their software and had to write new, up-to-date documentation.

Therefore, I propose DODD! Let’s make a Let’s make a “Delete Old Documentation Day”, once a year, where everyone just deletes old stuff that is misleading or inaccurate to make the whole average documentation clear and concise?

What do you think? How about 15.02.? The day after Valentine’s we should have enough love for everyone else and the outdated documentation they need to read.

, Posted Saturday, February 12th, 2011 under Programming, Shorts.

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