Underworld: a GPS-based game for iPhone

Underworld is a GPS-Based trading game available for iPhone via cydia after jailbreak (… well at least its free there). You play a drug dealer and begin with some of those drugs and a loan you got from a loan-shark. You can set a price for the stuff you’re selling (which is viagra, weed or peyote) and see every other offer that exists within a certain range around you (you can also watch this on a google-map). Surprisingly, a lot of people seem to play it.

This seems really easy, but it isn’t. I didn’t really understand why people pay for that virtual stuff, as I don’t think there are any virtual comsumers. Anyways, if your price is right people will buy your stuff and sometimes, people will sell things too cheap and you can buy that stuff and sell it higher. If you’re willing to spend some money, you can buy upgrades. These can upgrade the amount of stuff you can carry, highten the range of your trade area, give you a better police evasion and enable you to trade ney illegal items. The makers of the game a-steroids are also working on new features and you can vote for them in game.

Playing tips, guides or hints which strategy to use online is not really found (the game’s name was drug lords but changed as they try to get it in the appstore). Therefore, I’ll sum up what I have learned during my first two weeks:

Don’t take more loans. They always take back more money than they give and you should just pay it off and make money yourself, otherwise you’ll end like my first character. As soon as I couldn’t pay a rate, the amount of money you owe to the shark is doubled.

– You’ll need at least level 1 police protection before dealing weed. Otherwise your deal mitght be cought by the police and you loose the drugs or the money.

– I’d advise to take levels in trade area, as more people in your area means more nice cheap goods to get over time. I began my second character with spending 300$ on my area range.

– Use the game in at least two different locations. When you’re at work / at home, there’ll be different prices and you can make profit. You could also take a ride through your city while you have a lot of carry space left, to buy all the cheap stuff that gets mostly traded my new players and make a nice profit.

– Hope you don’t have a cheater around. Its not impossible to cheat at that game, but I can’t do it and I won’t also tell you how to do it :-)

Have fun!

, Posted Friday, February 13th, 2009 under Reviews.

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