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I got a new PC-application that saves me some minutes a day, when I’m at work. Its called PhraseExpress and you can just download it under Its free.

What it does: It has multiple functions. First, it helps you reusing stuff you copied multiple times, as you can paste stuff you copied BEFORE you copied something else. The combination CTRL + ALT + V (pretty similar to CTRL + V) gives you a list of everything you copied before.

Then, its a keybord helper checking what you write. If it recognizes easy mistakes, it corrects them while you write. This is also localized, my german version works just fine.

While you’re writing, it also recognized abbreviations you write and gives you the opportunity to write them out completely for you if you press TAB. This means while I type “S.” (which is the german abbreviation for “Seite” –> page), a small notification tells me that I can expand this to “Seite” if I press TAB. This all it very nicely integrated and doesn’t distract you.

But the feature I use the most is the snippet manager. This means if the program recognizes that there is a snippet configured for the character sequence you just typed, it gives you the option to expand this to the whole snippet. Besides your own snippets, some preconfigured snippets for your language are already included, like “sgh” that will be expanded to “Sehr geehrter Herr ” which is a pretty long but often used form of addressing the reader of an email in germany. It only expand these if you type TAB (I’ve configured CTRL + Space instead because it feels more natural for me).

A very nice program, and its FREE! So go and get it and try it yourself.

, Posted Sunday, May 16th, 2010 under Privat.

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