Twitter-Bug: Don’t click!

A twitter-security-bug just makes it’s way around the globe as you ready this. A Tweet appears with the text:

Don’t Click:

If you click it, you’ll tweet the same message to twitter. So: REALLY DO NOT CLICK IT! Twitter says they are working on it!

UPDATE: My computer just crashed, 5 minutes after clicking the link … seems to be coincidence though ;-)

UPDATE 2: The tiny url that spread the link was killed. The exploiters of the bug could change the script on their site though to provide another link, but if they don’t react, their exploit is down for now and the tweeted links so far will not work anymore. Remember though that its not hard for them to make the trick work again.

UPDATE 3: The trick worked through click-jacking. There are a lot of malicious websites out there, usually you’ll get warned by your browser if the site youre going to is officially know as malicious site. TinyURL and other URL-shortening services undermine this security concept. Unfortunally, using this with twitter might find a lot of copycats, especially as the code for the site was easily available and can easily be used on any site.

, Posted Thursday, February 12th, 2009 under Tipps.

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