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As I’m just typing a small review for “ToDo” on Mac after it got some bad reviews on the mac appstore, I thought I might as well share it here on my blog. Here is the translation from my german post:

ToDo is not perfect. But I’ll begin with the nice little tidbits that make me keep on using this app, which is the best feature a ToDo app can have: continued usage.

  • There’s a keyboard shortcut to quick add tasks, that can be defined in the settings. After the shortcut, just type the task name and hit return or tab, which adds the task and lets you go on typing the next tasks name unless you hit return or tab again. Great feature for quickly adding tasks.
  • Clicking on the blue linked day in the calendar filters everything by tasks due today
  • CMD + N is the shortcut for a new task, or, if you’ve selected a project or a tasklist-task adds a new subtask. With the arrow keys you can navigate in the list, hitting right or left arrow folds or unfolds projects and tasklist-tasks.
  • If you’ve selected a context or tag, you don’t only get the whole list filtered by that tag / context, but also have new tasks get the context and tags automatically selected for the active values. Very nice thing if you’re seperating contexts as work and private and projects as tags.
  • I should mention that I only use “lists” for the default one “inbox” and “ideas”. I’m throwing everything into ideas that shouldn’t be deleted, but that I usually won’t want to clutter my list. And you can completely filter out lists from your views, what I did with “ideas”. Additionally, context and tags are kept, so I can scan for ideas very targeted, if I need to.
  • Via drag-and-drop you can drag your single or multiple selected tasks to tags, contexts, lists or on a due date (in the calender) to set those on the task(s). Very nice way to easily set stuff on tasks.


As I like this app, I want to make some point that could be improved, and if anyone reading this develops this app or knows someone who develops this app, please forward this.


  • automatic recognition of context by WIFI-SSID (or place on iPhone)
  • keywords for the quick-entry dialog (for example #tagname or @contextname), autocompleted if possible
  • more folding levels for tree-like tasks
  • tree-like contexts
  • more performance after CMD-N: sometimes half the typed name is missing because I didn’t wait for the new task to pop up in the tree


The app fits my workflow most and keeps me using it – what no other ToDo-list-tool has ever achieved as I’m to much of a GTD freak. Have fun with this app.

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, Posted Monday, June 27th, 2011 under GTD, Reviews, Tipps.

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