Time Management doesn’t mean rushing

I often see the misconception, that people think that time management means you have to do a lot more than others to be happy each day. The opposite is true if you do good time management: you know what you have to do today, you know when to do it and in which order. You know that you didn’t forget anything (as you properly planned it with a system you trust), and you know which tasks lie before you on the following days and which can easily be postponed till *someday*.

The key concept of time management is that you just have a better system of organizing your work – so you need lesser worrying and rushing and get your stuff done nevertheless. Time management is like a secretary for your mind. And for some people like me, it’s exactly what I need… while others might prefer rushing and a flurry to get their stuff done.

, Posted Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 under Philosophy.


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