The perfect twitter-client

TwitScoop and Twitter search filters in TweetdeckImage by Kevglobal via Flickr

How would my perfect twitter-client look? Well. Lets begin with: it should load quickly! Everything should be organized into streams like in Tweetdeck. All streams should be closable and reopenable with one button per stream (button should be invisible when stream is open). Stream width and textsize should be controllable.

One stream of direct messages, one stream of @replys. One main stream. Custom streams should be easily configurable. I want groups (as such a stream), where I can see the tweets of Tweeple configured for that stream, so I can actually read the tweets from the people I know personally or those that interest me most. Filtering a stream should be possible, I’d love regular expressions here but I don’t think that this will be done. Twitter searches should be configurable as a stream.

The UI should make viewing linked videos possible or listening to linked postcasts without going to the web. Shortened links should be fully shown if you hover them and be opened in a browser if you click them. As the client needed to decrypt a lot of links, it should also be able to show me all the links it can decrypt in another stream, this time ranked by the most tweeted link. #topics should be highlighted – clicking on it would generate a search-stream. It should be easy to see if the Tweeters you see tweets from follow you or not. A click on their pic should send you to their twitterhomepage in a browser. Twitterusers should be numbable – making their tweets and links not appear in any streams, if its not an @reply or a DM. I’d also love if tweets containing links that I already visited get filtered out automatically – this would seriously cut down the noise.

I want multiple accounts to work. I in fact would love to have an iPhone-App that onyl shows me tweets I didn’t already visit in my workingstation-application – and vice versa. And I want it to be a feedreader too. It should be possible to view feeds till a certain (configurable) length of characters, and a link to their online version if they’re too long. I’d also like some automatation, so you can make a Tweet from a feed.

Well … as you can see I want a lot of stuff. Perhaps this can be an inspiration for someone who has the time to make a superb Twitterclient. Oh … you should also be able to tweet after all.

, Posted Sunday, May 17th, 2009 under Philosophisches.

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