Just a small review and feedback for the newly started TentacleprOn Podcast by tante.

Its a podcast with a weird but unique name. Against all conventions, its pretty much categoryless, and from what I heard I’d put it in Philosophy if I was forced to. But overall, tante wants to pick up everything interesting he can find – as there are already so many categorized podcasts that you could listen to. A good point.

Episode 0 explains what the podcast aims to be and what ideas it should convey. I think this stuff definitely needs to be in textform easily accessible from the main blog page – as noone usually listens to 1 hour of “something” he knows nothing about. So at least try to be more descriptive about the contents in text form.

In Episode 1, the podcast begins with the fundamental concepts of reality and introduces us to the theories of Leipnitz – that all things are based on some atomar building blocks that don’t underlie the physical laws, don’t communicate and have different levels – of of them is the sentinent human spirit. Tante exlains that he wants to invite guests in the following episodes, and in Episode 1 you can easily understand why: talking about such a philosophical topic makes you want to get more views than only those of just one person. You’ll also want questions to be thrown in like “How do we percieve a reality, if our spirits can’t communicate with the sensory input our nerves / eyes give us?” But the shownotes are pretty exhaustive.

So, with no specific topics or categories set, I’d argue everyone should decide if he likes to listen to new, interesting stuff, and if so, if he likes the style Tante uses in his podcast. For my part, I like his voice, his choice of words and his use of language, he should just whine less about his german accent and his inferior knowledge. I seldomly hear people talking english that good and fluent and I bet he isn’t that dumb! ;-)

One small technical comment from a part-time Apple-fanboy: I’d love to get this podcast via iTunes (and this shouldn’t be hard to set up). As I didn’t see a better way than opening the feed, download the .mp3-file, put it in iTunes, mark it as podcast, synch it to my iDevice to listen to it on my way to work. Okay, I didn’t really investigate in that area – but it should be found in iTunes. iTunes after all is the first software that made up my mind about podcasts, because there wasn’t an uncomplicated method to get podcasts for me before, and so I didn’t listen to them.

Overall rating: Interesting. I’ll stick to it for now. Try it yourself!

, Posted Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 under Privat.


  1. Thanks for the review!

    I agree that I should probably write a few words on what it is all about (kinda the summary of Episode 0) and make that easily available for people.

    I’ll also look into how to get the fed integrated into itunes, will install that thing in a Windows VM and see how to get stuff in.

    @Whining: I’ll try to do less of that ;)

  2. Hatebreeder says:

    Ich hoffe du meinst Leibniz, meinen Arbeitgeber…
    Man ich brauche dringend wieder Inet zu hause. Podcasts an sich sind echt interessant und ein guter Weg beim Radfahren zur Arbeit interessante Dinge zu hören.
    Ich hoffe ab April wird alles besser… ;)

  3. Kann wohl sein, wenn man über etwas “hört” hat man ja keine Ahnung von der Rechtschreibung :-(

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