Teaching sometimes leads to Refusal


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Sometimes, I’m really convinced of something. Like in my research that the new iPhone will be a better pick than an Android Desire – where I scanned through 20+ reviews, had both devices in hands (okay, an older version of the iPhone to be true) and am generally well informed about technology and smartphones. Or that someone really shoulod try some framework or technology, that would maybe even change his life (like using Twitter for example, which is the most terrific communications change in the last 10 years). But even if I’m really convinced, I just fail to transport this emotion correctly.

Is it my fault? I don’t know. I think the examples above (Twitter, iPhone) are just mainstream thinking (more people than just me coming to the conclusion that they rock) and therefore people expect me to be an Apple fanboy or a fellow runner or a person without life for advocating for such mainstream choices. They just can’t think about someone being right who has not their own attitude.

When I played the card game Magic from 1999 -2008 I often experienced the same – and was like this at first too. Only a strategy or thinking that I had invented myself or that was really underground could work for me or was “cool” enough. Later on, I learned that the mainstream ideas were already proven good ideas and could just be improved a bit to have the ultimate advantage.

Somehow, its the same with all these services. If I would use the iPhone or Twitter like a mainstream person, I wouldn’t like it much. But Twitter has so many 3rd party apps that make it useful and fun, and with a Jailbreak I can tinker in my system more than all those “Google-Fanboys” with their Androids.

Well, I’m still researching about iPhone 4 vs. Android 2.2 … should make a nice blogpost in the next few days.

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  1. Ich war jetzt 1,5 Jahre iPhone 3G Besitzer, bin jetzt auf das Nexus One gewechselt. Mit dem iPhone war ich eigentlich sehr zufrieden, nur das 3G Modell kam mir mit der Zeit immer langsamer vor (ein Clean Install hat auch nur unwesentlich was gebracht).

    Ich probiere das Nexus One jetzt mal aus, weil Android mich eigentlich mehr anspricht von seiner “freien” Philosophie her, als Apples Sehnsucht nach Kontrolle (hiermit meine ich den App Store). Jailbreaken ist kein Ersatz für diese Freiheit, da Cydia und das Konfigurieren von Apps alles das in Frage stellt, was das iPhone an sich als einfach zu bedienendes Gerät definiert.

    Ich teste das Nexus One jetzt ersteinmal, sehr viel günstiger als ein iPhone ist es eh und dazu noch Simlock frei (Importe machen das iPhone ja noch teurer und Garantie ist dann auch schwieriger durchzusetzen). Soweit bin ich sehr zufrieden damit und kann mir vorstellen, länger bei dieser Plattform zu bleiben. Aber da kann ich natürlich ein Fazit ziehen, wenn ich das Gerät mit der Plattform für eine längere Zeit genutzt habe.

  2. Oh, sorry, that I’ve commented in german, I haven’t realized that the blog post was written in English in the first place ;)

  3. No problem :-)

    I’m extensively researching pros and cons at the moment and will release a post about this soon.

    I often came across the thinking that Jailbreaking is hard to do – in fact I believe its MUCH easier than “rooting” the Android (this is what their jailbreaking is called) and maybe also easier than configuring the standard Android settings and searching and downloading and installing the appropriate Android applications. Where else do crackers give you a “click to jailbreak” software with an attached programm to install all 3rd-party software (cydia)?

    My 3G also is pretty “slow” – it’s 3 years-old hardware after all (the 3G has about the same specs as the first generation iPhone). What I don’t like about Jailbreaking on iPhone is, that the performance of the basic locked iPhone stuff is just good enough – as soon as you drop more in there, the phone gets even slower. This is certainly a pro for Androids, as the hardware always packs more power.

  4. With the version 2.2 (FroYo) of Android I don’t see the need for rooting the device anymore. You can download the apps you want, because there is no gatekeeper which watches what apps are to be allowed to be installed on your device.

    The iPhone platform is so restricted, that you have to jailbreak. I like the iPhone plattform, they build really great phones, but I don’t want to support their colden cage philosophy. I do have the fear, that they will do something similar on the mac platform as well or that they won’t support the mac platform as they did in the past.

    P.S. the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” hasn’t worked for me. I got no mail, perhaps something is wrong in your configuration or the mail got stuck somewhere.

  5. Okay, I’ll check that back. Thanks for the comments. I’d love to see a review of Android / the Nexus on your blog :-)

  6. Yeah, I think that is a good idea, but I will test it out for at least two weeks, before I can come to a conclusion :-)

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