Stop mocking Microsoft and Nokia

Its easier to make fun of unpopular brands like Microsoft and Nokia but please acknowledge that they together might have the power to shake up the smartphone market.

Microsoft has the people and the brains to maintain a really good mobile OS. In fact, most people whining about WinPhone7 have never seen it or are just anti-Microsoft anyways. WinPhone7 but it has a nice concept and a real nice language and framework for developers. And they don’t feature-overload it like Google does with Android – instead they’re aiming for constistency and a polished OS.

Nokia has the resources to cheaply produce high quality phones and the infrastructure to sell them anywhere in the world. And let’s face it: Microsoft doesn’t produce phones, so it’s nothing new that they’d love to have Nokias with WinOS anyways. The only new thing in this news is that Nokia learned from it’s failure to create a good mobile OS and gives up on that.

Final point: who of you doesn’t love a third competitor besides Android and iOS?

, Posted Friday, February 11th, 2011 under Privat.


  1. The third competitor of iOS and Android will be WebOS from hp, not Windows phone mobile 7…

    And in my opinion microsoft will scare away their handset partners, if they begin to favor nokia and treat the others as 2nd class citizens…

  2. I don’t think so. Nokia is still the company that sells the most phones in the world and WinPhone7 really makes a great impression. And the other hardware makers won’t only bet on the ugly Android but will always want to ship with WP7 too.

    BTW webOS2.0 really looks nice – and I’d love to have HP go forward with it. Hope they put as much energy and people into it as possible, to be able to keep up with Google, Apple and Microsoft.

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