Speeding up my Blog & Disabling Social Buttons

Digg partyImage by magerleagues via Flickr

Well most of you reader will have recognized that my blog was loading pretty slowly. I now decided that I should do something about this. When I thought about my blog and why it loaded so slowly, I recognized that I was loading A LOT OF outbound pictures. I first thought it was only the Zemanta-integrated pictures that took too long to load because of their filesize, but after all I saw something more more slowing: the sociable-plugins POST TO SOCIALNETWORKS-buttons.

“But they are very small! Filesize = extremely unimportant?” Indeed. But each of these elements with a src-Attribute makes the browser perform an HTTP-Request, and browsers don’t do too many of those a time. Especially if they’re on different hosts, like all those socialnetwork-sites.

After all I think every “good” social networking site has their own means of posting good stuff (like the Digg and StumbleUpon-Toolbars or one million clients and browserplugins for Twitter), so I decided to just remove them. If you like my posts, you’ll Tweet them or Stumble them anyways, even if I don’t put two million buttons on my page, I guess. Hmm …. so few pictures … I have to post some more content now I assume.

, Posted Friday, May 22nd, 2009 under Tipps.

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