“Special” iPhone background: Bug, Joke or Malware?

Today I took a look into the AppStore and downloaded two new free Apps: HeavyMach Lite & TouchPhysics Lite, then I upgraded seven other AppStore apps. Since then I got the word “special” on top of my background-wallpaper, just beneath the time. Here’s a screenshot (that you can make with hold the home-button, then also tap the power-button; you’ll find the screenshot on your camera-roll):

Special iPhone Background Wallpaper

I googled but only found this clueless (german) article and some even more clueless forum-posts: Magerquark-Blog. Looks like a lot of people are getting this error, and it isn’t connected to the jailbreak as many people with original hard- and software without modifications get it too. Most report the error is gone after powering off the iPhone and restarting it. I tried that too, and I can affirm that it works.

Many people also asked T-Online and Apple about the “special” behaviour, but as noone could give an answer, it could also mean that a virus, spy- or malware is infecting iPhones and iPods. If you have any aditional information, please comment.

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, Posted Monday, March 2nd, 2009 under Reviews.

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