Scheduling One Post per Day & Reading Blogs

I have successfully posted blogposts for the whole month till now and only miss like one day. Yay! Celebrate! The power of GTD, new motivation through a new and updated blog and a lot of posts I once begun and now finished let me do that.

The Problem

But powering out so much stuff makes me think if people might want to read that much from a small and unworthy blog like mine. Nobody knows. But I only know one blog with content thats interesting enough, is able to power out one post per day and not some stupid watchblog (thats only reposting stuff it finds on the interwebs): the blog of Seth Godin. But even for me (who really likes that blog) its hard enough to keep up with the posts, even when they’re usually not too long. This leads to reading many of them in a short amount of time – which let them not sink in as deep as they could.

Collateral Damage

Another point is, that I often want to write something new that needs to fit in between some other posts to make sense or that need to be release ASAP, which usually means the next day (as I don’t want to post two times a day). So, I write a post, and try to fit it in, and that makes me reschedule a lot of other posts, taking up some time that would better be used to write more.


If you identify a problem, you should try to solve it. As my reservoir of drafts slowly comes to an end anyways, I think of planning ahead posts every two days. This way, all the problems mentioned above seem to be discarded, and I can make sure that my flow of ideas and posts I usually draft on the iPhone or write as a bulk-writing on weekends doesn’t come to an end – this blog will be very active. I’ll try to sum up whyin one of my following articles, where I reflect about Creativity – how to become and stay creative.

So from now on, I’ll publish a post every two days, whenever there’s more than that I just had to stuff something in between.

, Posted Monday, May 24th, 2010 under Projects.

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