Routine, Change and Failure


Whenever I read that you should embrace failure, I think that many people won’t get the point.

The human mind loves routine. Routine is a series of steps you’ve done before, in a way that’s always the same. When you know something works in a certain way, it’s a safe feeling that you know what’s coming. It’s the opposite of danger, and the fear that’s connected to danger.

When you read somewhere that you should embrace failure, they really mean that you should change. Change always has a positive effect, and if it hasn’t (you failed!) you can usually change again and learn something in the process, advancing you overall.

What keeps you from change is when you never break your routine.

Picture: Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  h.koppdelaney

, Posted Sunday, April 14th, 2013 under Philosophy.

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  1. Marc Nussboeck says:

    That’s wise, spot on and helpful for some real world decisions i need to make. Came here accidentally while researching mindmapping software and found inspiration. Thanks for that!

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