Qimaya – Makers of the Semantic Web?

Hello, dear friends of “The Semantic Web”. I hope you don’t mind if I’m a bit sacrastic about this. I just got a tweet to this article, stating that the semantic web is soon developed and ready to be bought – or used, or something like this.

The article and several others that I found are saying all the same – they were busy explaining what the meaning of the word semantic is and how the human brain organizes information – and some other buzzwords also appear. They say they use neuronal nets to simulate the human brains way to connect words to semantics and that they are ready to sell it to us. They tell us that they found a way to make this n-net work with linear complexity (lowering the processing speed to “only” 20% [someone might see that this is not logical] ) and that every site in the semantic web just gets connected to every other when we use their technology – how this should look is shown in a small video where they take some text about a mac evangelist and show us how their remarkable someware does some pretty AJAX-effects. They tell us that it will find applications that fit the context of what we read and relevant text too – from anywhere on the net! They tell that it’s good for SEO (which I doubt – when every information is connected semantically, SEO is plain dead because only the content would be important) and they tell us its an innovative revolution.

Something that is not told is how we should buy this technology, sometimes its said that everyone will be able to use the new technology in their portal, but most of the time I got the feeling that you’ll need to but a licenced software to use it. They also don’t tell us what a server we’ll need, and how much bandwidth and hardware-capacity … this might be relevant if we’re simulating a human brain or if we’re trying to know where every written word on the internet is located, and in which context.

After all, I would be very happy to see that miraculous beta-version and test it. If it does, what you say, I’ll gratefully update this post and help you test that revolution. But till that happens, I’ll take Qimaya for the guys that sell the thing everyone’s talking about to the people who don’t understand its just selling freezers to eskimos.

, Posted Thursday, February 5th, 2009 under Reviews.

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