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I got a new recommendation for you people. As I already showed you what podcasts I like to listen to here, I’ll update that, as this has changed. In fact, I stopped listening to these after I found Dan Benjamin and the 5by5.tv network with the following (ultimate) podcasts:

  • The Dev Show: About Java, Javascript, Ruby and Python mainly, webprogramming and other programming stuff in general.
  • The Talk Show: Apple & Geek show with John Gruber. Better than having the feed of his blog spamming your feedreader. ;-)
  • The Pipeline & The Conversation & The Big Web Show: Basically all shows with interviews with people from the web industry, programmers, designers, bookwriters, and all kinds of interesting people.

I can definitely recommend all of the above shows and also did so on iTunes (where you can also get them). All those shows feature either an audio only (which I prefer for my way to work) or a video feed if you like that better. On the 5by5 website you can also find podcasts about Ruby, Podcasting, Photopraphy, and some other themes you might like.

, Posted Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 under Reviews.

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  1. Yeah, Dan Benjamin does a real great job with his podcasts… especially The Conversation is really great!

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