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There and back again
If you have installed the Ghostery plugin for Firefox or Chrome (that I recommand a lot!), you can see that you’re spied on on nearly every site in the web. I just wanted you to know that don’t have to take any spying from and also don’t have to endure any kind of advertising here.

All numbers I collect are collected serverside – maybe they’re not too accurate for that point, but when you’re not advertising, there’s also not much need for knowing exact numbers.

(Not that I really care, but if you’re interested: From what I can see for February, I got approximately 3000 views, with an approximate number of 8% coming from feedviews.)

Creative Commons License photo credit: Alex Dram

, Posted Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 under Shorts.



  1. Much better is the Adblock plus addon and the requesst policy addon. Those are blocking all spies from the beginning. Sometimes it destroys the layout of a webpage but only if the css or whatever file is not on the same server.

  2. Tim,

    In your “Impressum” you’re mentioning using Google Analytics. I guess, that part is no logner needed. I use the noscript extension and I can’t see a script running google analytics on your site. So maybe you want to delete it.


  3. Hey thanks for the heads-up. I use a default text in the impressum ;-)

  4. hehe, saw you were linking to the impressum-generator thingy. Btw: I forgot to mention that I find that pretty cool you not using this full-scale analytics stuff. I mean, most of us are doing it for fun and not writing for-profit. There is also sound server side analytics software to keep it local but then you invest shedloads of time trying to dive through reports and behaviour patterns. In the end, I find the effort badly focused, so I rather invest the little time available on actual production.


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