New year’s resolutions

Many people have new year’s resolutions they cannot hold up to, because they’re world changing things like “stop smoking” (which is nearly as easy as doing any other king of physically addicting drugs) or “loose weight” (but they don’t track their weight or just pay the monthly fitness center fee but find excuses everytime why they couldn’t visit it this time). So I’d say pick more easy things, as easy things are easier to accomplish.

the beast yawning - my lazy cat / gatto / chat

Okay, one of the things I thought I should try in the new year is making shorter blogposts more often. This was my primary plan when I raised the font-size on my website – but every time I post something I have the feeling it needs to be more. This post is now one of the shorter ones. Keeping posts shorter makes the reader think more about the content than it would when I explain everything I think fully.

So I accumulated about 50 ideas for blogposts in my ToDo “blog” context, and I’ll try to put out one or two a week. Let’s see if I can manage that. Do you also have “small resolutions”? Please no jokes about 1024×768 and such ;-)

Creative Commons License photo credit: Paolo Margari

, Posted Saturday, January 8th, 2011 under GTD, Philosophy, Tipps.

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