New Design – New Motivation

As you all maybe know, blogging is something that only makes you feel good if you get reactions or if you just feel that what you create is good in some way or another. I didn’t have this feeling for a long time now.

One reason is pretty obvious: I don’t have too much traffic. But reason two is, that my blog was VERY old. It was so old, that it didn’t update from within the admin area, and that’s why I never found the energy to do so. Luckily, my blog was hacked and the server went *boom* – so here is my new blog design. A sideeffect is that the blog loads faster, is integrated with Twitter more (I don’t care anymore about all those other social networks out there) and is much better customizable. Well partly because I learned some skills in the meantime.

Now I feel that a new motivation is rising up again and you’ll likely see more posts in the next few weeks. I begun writing a lot of drafts, so we’ll see what I can use from those.

So, nuff said. Keep watching.

, Posted Monday, May 3rd, 2010 under Privat.

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  1. That sounds great! Welcome back!


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