Need more WordPress Plugins!

Heya WordPress-people! I need some help … there are myriads of plugins out there, and I just don’t know if there are some for my needs, so please tell me if you know or use something for these purposes:

  • An admin plugin that makes it easy for me to crosslink to my other posts. I always need to search on my own site to find a post I want to link to , and always need to type the title and copy paste the link. This would be much nicer if there was some tool for this in the “new post”-section.
  • A nice share-everywhere plugin that doesn’t lead to ages-long loading times (as usual).
  • One of those plugins that loads more entries on the main page of the blog (or in a tag or category view) when the user has scolled down the the “previous posts”-link. Using this, it should be possible to display only two or three posts and reloading the rest when the user really scrolls down so far.

Just can’t seem to find anything like this. Any recommendations would be greatly appreaciated!

, Posted Friday, May 21st, 2010 under Privat, Projects.

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