iPhone 4 Feels Great

The iPhone 4 package nearly as small as the device itself
So I got my iPhone 4 at last. But how does it feel compared to my old 3G now? Well, that it’s obviously better I don’t need to tell you I guess.

Following definite pros:

  • The display doesn’t accumulate fingerprints anymore. Big plus. Wonder how they did that.
  • The distance to the screen is lower, as the glass on the screen is not that thick anymore. This feels very good, as it feels more like touching the interface directly now.
  • The antenna is definitely better than before. I can make the WiFi drop one bar if I use a death grip that makes my hands hurt, but even with that applied I can’t make the phone signal go down no matter what.
  • The camera is just superb compared with my 3G or the half year old nokia of my girlfriend. The pictures now definitely look amazing (HDR also helps picture quality) and the video is just very nice.
  • The device is very thin. it’s not any lighter, but thinner than the 3G and it feels much tougher.
  • Everything just got faster due to the faster processor and the additional RAM.
  • The free Belkin case I got for free is very fine and an iPhone stand was included with it. Nice!

This is what I would call “not so nice”:

  • The price is still high
  • The battery life seems a bit better, but it doesn’t hold longer than two days no matter what. Okay, I use the device pretty often, but somehow I would have imagined more. Update: when you use no geolocation stuff it holds up a little longer. The GPS sucks the battery dry in no time. Over the last night (10 hours), the iPhone lost only 5% battery. Nice.
  • Apps still don’t get a chance to put something on the lockscreen. This now is the sole reason for me to install a jailbreak as soon as it’s released – I just want to see my upcoming calender items and my Appigo ToDo items there.
  • Many apps still don’t get the multitasking right or their implementors just don’t publish the necessary updates. To put it straight, I even believe that there are only that many iPhone apps out there, because the possibilities were so limited. But I guess that this is a temporary problem and we’ll see more working updates soon.

Nice apps:

  • Radio.de is my new favorite Internet radio app. Background music (that sometimes ends after some songs if in the background) is possible and there are 500+ radios available including the main popular German radios that often have their own (non-backgrounding) apps.
  • ToDo is still my favorite todolist app.
  • Meebo is the only true backgrounding IM client that’s available and working. The good side is that Meebo is really nice. It supports ICQ, Google chat (that also messages if you get a mail there), Facebook chat and a lot of other services that I don’t use. Meebo works in the background and keeps you logged in 48 hours. If you log out or are logged out due to inactivity, you get a push notification telling you so. For Windows they have a notifier that even recognizes that you’re on a computer now so you don’t get notified on your computer AND your iPhone. If you get pinged on windows, the notifier takes you to your conversation in the browser on the meedbo.com website.
  • (There is still no latitude client that supports latitude friends. And I tried them all. Till then only the comparably slow Google mobile latitude page must suffice. I’ll update this post if I find something better.)
  • This post was written entirely on the new iPhone using the WordPress app. It was only edited for making the lists and adding tags and a picture afterwards.
, Posted Sunday, September 26th, 2010 under Reviews.

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