iOS5 iMessage must be the messaging solution

Just listened to the Hypercritical poscast of this week where @danbenjamin and @sicacusa seem to think that Apple might get iMessage wrong. Two reasons why it really must be the all-in-on messaging solution that Apple is looking forward to:


  • They won’t have the SMS icon and the iMessage icon and the Twitter icon on the default screen – this would look stupid and I believe Steve wouldn’t like it. For the same reason Facetime doesn’t have it’s own app/icon.


  • Additionally, they didn’t deep-include Twitter for no reason – as it also was the service that was founded to solve SMS.


I believe (let’s say hope as I didn’t take a look at the iOS5 Betas) they need to unify it, and I would like to see a segmented control in iMessage that let’s you choose where to send that message if your Contacts app knows more than one connection, like SMS (still ubiquitous), Twitter DM (reach a lot of other people) or iM (the Blackberry BBM usecase).

, Posted Friday, June 17th, 2011 under Shorts.

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