HTC Desire vs. iPhone Feelings

I played around with my father’s HTC Desire two days ago. The major differences I recognized in contrast to iOS on iPhone4:

49/365 (Android pesadilla)

  • + There’s the possibility to create a WLAN. Yay!
  • + Looking at the 2 year costs, it was about 30% cheaper, which is nice.
  • – Scrolling is much more unfluid. Makes reading on the web when scrolling is involved much more of a hassle.
  • – The browser loading times were not that good.
  • – There is no anti-smudge-screen. This actually makes a big difference.
  • – Sometimes reactions on pinching is stuttery or just too late.
  • – I never know which button I need to press if I want to get back.
  • – The camera sucked. The flash is much too bright and the pictures look like crap. To make a shot you needed to press the trackball.
  • – I didn’t understand the structure of the applications list vs. the widget screens. I guess the organisation was strange because my father made it so, but why are those two separated?
  • – The phone got very hot while just browsing and using google maps.
  • – The icons of the applications sucked.
  • – The few applications I launched looked kind of “not ready to deliver”.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jesus Belzunce

, Posted Sunday, January 9th, 2011 under Rant.

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