Find E-Mail of your Job Candidate / Mass Follow by E-Mail on Twitter

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In case you don’t know this trick, I’ll show it to you. What helps us find a contact on Twitter is … Google! Did you already guess that? Well, its not like a usual Google Search. You can also find a lot of contacts a time.

First, have a Google Account – as we need Google Contacts for this. If you don’t have one (or don’t want to mix up with your existing contacts), go, create one (more). Then enter the E-Mail you look for in Google Contacts. If you want to bulk upload a lot of E-Mail-adresses, you can use Google’s import feature, that takes properly formatted .csv files – but remember that Google only allows up to 3000 contacts a time, before you have to mass delete all your contacts and upload a new .csv-file. Should anyone have a handy script for automating this, please drop a comment.

Then head for the Twitter page. Click on Find Friends and then Gmail. Enter your (new fake) Google Accounts login and wait for the info you look for. Now all that can save your job candidate is a private Twitter account or the wise selection of a different E-Mail adress. Go get yourself one.

, Posted Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 under Privat.

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