Finally: Copy and Paste for iPhone released!

(as you voted in the last post, this post is in english)

Finally, this is what many of us were waiting for: Copy and Paste as a working beta version for iPhone – only available for jailbreaked devices via cydia. The app is called clippy. It makes a clipboard available for all keyboard-based inputs. I tested around a bit, and it worked in every app I tried – except Twinkle. Its a beta after all.

In the following image-gallery, I put together some iPhone screenshots showing you how the copy and paste works.

How you do it:

  • Type a text
  • Press the ‘.?123’-key
  • mark the text using the zoom function – put finger directly on the text until the zoom appears and then move it to mark some text
  • press the new copy-key – the marked text will appear in the clipboard
  • put your cursor anywhere and tap on ‘paste’
  • this also works in maps or any other keyboard-based application
, Posted Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 under Tipps.


  1. Finally: Copy and Paste for iPhone released!

    but no final version – confusing …

    Copy and Paste (Beta) for iPhone released! – thats it!

  2. Test of the antispam plugin

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