Disconnecting Skype from Facebook

So I made the mistake of connecting Skype to Facebook, and soon realized that when somebody wrote me a Facebook message, Meebo made my iPhone ping, Meebo connector on my PC popped up, and my Skype blinked. In Skype, I tried to disconnect from Facebook, but there was only an option to connect to Facebook.

So, to disconnect Skype from Facebook:

  • go to Skype
  • –> Home (or press the Home-icon)
  • –> Connect to Facebook if the option to disconnect isn’t there
  • –> Disconnect from Facebook

Now the Facebook messages are gone.

, Posted Thursday, January 12th, 2012 under Shorts.


  1. Ken Russell says:

    Thanks for this.

    Oddly, I’m offered to connect to Skype w/in Facebook — I want the two of them wholly separate, and *never* want to be bothered with Skype info in FB.

    In fact, someone from Skype wandered over to my FB!

    I’m sorry to intrude like this, but you’re the only one I could find who seemed to have any clue on the subject.

    Any thoughts would be very welcome.



  2. The connection can only be made if you entered your Facebook email and password in Skype.

    >> In fact, someone from Skype wandered over to my FB!

    This should not be possible as far as I know. I would recommend use what I described to disconnect Skype from Facebook and then to unfriend the person in Facebook.

    What you describe seems pretty unusual. Maybe you should check if you’ve given “shady facebook applications” permission to do something with your Facebook account. You can revoke access from Facebook applications in your Facebook settings, as shown in this 2 minute tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFRnUMiVh0s

  3. I thought that connecting FB to Skype would be a good idea, but I regretted it as soon as I did. Thanks for sharing and shame on Skype for not making it easy to disconnect from FB…

  4. Tx for your response, it worked for me. I can now connect seperately to either fb or skype

  5. i so appreciate your help; thanx

  6. I am not experiencing the problem described here. But I have a Skype version (dnt give a dam which one) associated, integrated, pre-installed, inbuilt, whatever you call it, with Facebook. You cant refuse it. Obviously, after this deal of Skype with Facebook, now FB has access to my skype contacts! fick! Among potential friends FB started to offer people with whom I have NO other common friends, but I have this people on Skype.
    I dont want FB see, use, abuse, collect, sell my Skype contacts. What should I do?

  7. I can not manage to dc my Facebook account from Skype like this. Everytime I log into Skype my FB contact show up and I appear as available to chat on FB. I disconnect but I remain online somehow. I hope Skype fix this soon.

  8. Person, you have just made me super duper happy! :)

  9. Mohanned says:

    Thanks man u r a live saver…

  10. Mohanned says:


  11. I have FB messages with a very close friend, each day or night after messaging I delete conversation on FB. But, when ever my close friend and I are on Skype to one another all the messages from Facebook are also displayed. What can I do for this, how do I delete the entire history of our messages?

  12. Did you try what I wrote in the blog post above?

  13. Skype home – Settings (wheel button) on upper right side – Disconnect from FB

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