Deus Ex – Human Revolution Hints, Tips and Tricks

When I began playing this game, I could hardly find any hints for playing this game. Therefore I want to put out some. I’ll present which augmentations really count and which are worthless (in my opinion) and give some general tips for the game – I try not to spoiler anything.

Tips and Hints

– Link: How does hacking work?

– Each clinic has two praxis kits for sale for 5000 credits each. When you know where a weapons dealer is, it’s not really hard to get the money by taking single guns from your opponents to the dealer. Always make sure you buy them.

– Overall you will get all useful augmentations in the game, if you explore a lot. Exploring a lot gives you not only what you find, but a lot of XP bonuses too.

– Not killing enemies gives you more XP and is more silent, so use an appropriate weapon and knock people out instead of killing them. Hide them, as when they get found they can wake up again.

– Have a rocket launcher with you and save rockets for situations you can’t solve otherwise. The rocket launcher can solve every hard situation.

Good Augmentations

– Hacking power, and the augmentation to lower the chance of getting found while hacking. Important to get a lot of XP early on and also later in the game. Later in the game, hacking turrets is nice. I also bought the hack robot thingy, but there was no chance to use it so far.

– Raise carrying strength (there’s always more stuff you want, and the place in your inventory is very small – helps getting stuff to weapon’s dealers and helps having the rocket launcher with you when you approach boss fights)

– Raise lifting strength (with crates you can often get to higher places, use big crates to block line of sight or push away big things that stand in front of passages needed for stealthy actions)

– Social Optimizer (you get more XP if you persuade people and at least one level can be done without fighting just because of the optimizer). When you have it, just look for the weakest area of the person can choose the appropriate way of persuasion.

– Break though walls (at least 2 praxis kits and a lot of stuff are hidden behind breakable walls and some stealthy approaches are benefitted highly by this).

– Augmented reflexes (in many places two guards talk to each other and can be knocked unconscious simultaneously)

– The skin armor is the only really good augmentation when it comes to fighting.

Mediocre augmentations

– The Taifun looks cool, but I only used it once in a boss fight. Maybe I should just play this in hard mode. Again multiple enemies it’s hard to use, as they will have you killed before you get in the middle of them. Maybe good with a lot of battery and the cloaking augmentation, but there are rarely so many enemies in one place, and for those you also have the rocket launcher or grenades.

– The cloaking augmentation. If you hide well you should need this very rarely, though there are some few scenes where I just couldn’t fulfill all side-quests silently (police station) and it might have helped.

– Therefore the battery stuff might be useful if you use the Taifun and the cloaking, but I don’t like that battery only reloads to one battery automatically and everything else needs recharging by power items.

– The shooting thing is maybe good for players using a mouse, I played this game on a playstation and didn’t use and aggressive play-through. I didn’t use it.

– The jumping augmentation is okay, but not really necessary when you have lifting power and crates. But later in the game you will want to buy it anyways.

Worthless augmentations

– All stealth augmentations. Crouching towards enemies and keeping out of line-of-sight is always enough.

– All vision enhancements, maybe besides the look through walls thingy, that’s just handy from time to time, but not really necessary as you can always look around corners and have your basic radar.

– I bought the augmentation to fall down slower, but it seldom actives in the game, and I so far didn’t find even one chance to use the aggressive mode of this thing. Looks cool though.

– Breathing gas. Bought this in a situation where I didn’t see the thing that could close the gas vent behind a breakable wall. Did need it once, when an enemy threw a gas grenade at me, and once where it was easier to save a worker who was about to die from gas, but I don’t think you really need this.

– The vision timer and flash immunity… flash immunity is rarely worth it and the vision timer doesn’t shorten the time needed till enemies will become less hostile.

– Running speed and duration. What for? To play the game in 5 minutes less overall?

Buy augmentations in this order

– Hacking 3

– Silent hacking 2

– Lifting strength

– Social optimizer

– Break though walls

– Silent Hacking 3

– Reflexes

– Carrying strength

– Hacking 5

– Skin armor 3

– The stuff you want but don’t really need.

Hope this helps you a bit with your decisions. Have fun playing the best game I’ve played in my whole life. If you disagree or have any more hints to share, post a comment.

, Posted Saturday, September 3rd, 2011 under Tipps.


  1. I guess it is all everybodies own opinion I guess. I play the game on “hard” and my favorite augmentations are Cloack, Junp from high things, See through walls and Hacking. But that is it about this game! Your style Your Augments. Great game and thanks for your tips, maybe you have some advantage from my tips.

    The Tayfoon is actually very handy combined with the cloack, you can sneak up to big things… turrets , large walking machines and blow the shit out of them. It saves to carry a grenade launcher.

    I have 6 guns for all suited situations, upgraded them heavily. All guns are silenced accepte the shotgun.

    Stun gun: for close stealth (killing)
    – excellent for enemies with the heavy gun. 1 shot 1 down.
    – Activate cloack, enter a room and stun the enemy.
    Tranqulizer gun: For long distance stealth
    – Comes in handy in missions were your not allowed to kill
    10 mm gun (Silenced and Laser pointer)
    – Excellent to execute stunned/sleeping opponents (heavy gun mercenaries)
    – Always execute sleeping enemies.
    Combat Rifle (Silenced and laser pointer)
    – Great gun for killing simple enemies all around the game. A lot of ammo found in game.
    Shotgun (Upgraded to max damage – Double bullet extension)
    – The gun wen you are cornered and need 1 shot 1 kill
    Silenced sniper rifle (my favorite weapon)
    – Strategic weapon.
    – Life saver

    Have a nice game and thanks for your augmenation pointers. Have not collected/tried them all.

  2. You forgot to mention 1 augmentation, wich I use very often. It is actually standard procedure. There is an augmentation where you can “mark” enemies. That is great, you can mark them so you know at all times where they are.

    I enter a room, hide, mark enemies and then plan my order of attack and way to proceed. I always clear entire fields because I want to explore and have all items, hack all computers, open all rooms etc etc.

    And you are so right, this game is so good!

    This goes rigjht in there with Mass Effect 2 (play as infiltrator not soldier) and Crysis 2. Also 2 games where you can sneak, kill and explore.

  3. Dammit I cant hack this terminal… better use my rocket launcher!

    IMO the key augmentations for a easy play through

    1. Increased lifting
    2. Increased jumping
    3. safe fall system

    These three are the core trio for complete navigation options on any map, the third is usually the easiest way out and the fall stun while not often required is a fun addition.

    4. Hacking 5/5 free xp!
    5. Stealth hacking (makes it too easy often no detection at all)

    Ignore the other hacking options as they are not required

    6. Dermal armor 2/3 -> EMP shielding

    Electricity on the floor and emp grenades no longer harm you, makes things a bit too easy.

    7. Double take dowm -> needed for pure stealth play

    Though some augmentations such as stealth (often overkill), fortify on hacking, hacking info, the shooting augs (just get a auto tracker) are a big cost for a little return thats half the fun.

    Everything else is gravy!

  4. quick reply please but what is the skin armor

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