AssertTrue(this) – reading recommendation

AssertTrue(this) is a great blog. Its about programming in general and also a lot about (W)CMS-systems. The author Kas Thomas writes in a very nice way and regularily makes me laugh. I even envy his superb blog-title.

I might be writing the same stuff in 10 years – but as I’m still learning a lot, I more feel qualified to talk about little gadgets that I can understand to a reasonable extent. He blogs very actively and when I just started my feedreader and read some of his latest posts, I just needed to point your programmer’s noses to this blog.

This reminds me that I need to rework my blogroll and seperate it in something like recommendedreading, friends and just links (that link points to a very good blog too btw, just don’t try to read it without a feedreader, the design is pretty ugly).

, Posted Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009 under Reviews.


  1. It’s not ugly, it’s pretty like a fairy princess! :)

  2. Indeed … so dear reader, please read that blog with a feedreader, if you’re not into fairy pricesses THAT much ;-)

  3. Princess Lilitantes blog…

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