All the little things & This year of my life

(This is kindof a double post, as I’ve not posted real stuff for some time)

Its very impressive how our life shapes with all the little things we learn. And its all those little things we change in our lives that makes everything a whole new experience. You think I’m on drugs? Nope, I ain’t!

The most time of my life, I’ve been a logical person who had difficulties in understanding human nature and human behaviour. As a logical person, I advocated that no man should ever lie in no situation, and the world would be a better place. Teachers laughted, schoolmates laughted, some tried to persuade me that this just isn’t true. I only trusted upon my logical view of things and nobody could change my perception. Guess what? The human race would be long eradicated by a nuclear war if no man could lie.

Poldi at the window

These were the times when I trusted my own beliefs most, even when people told me something else. It was a very long stage of my life, but I finally made the next level: trying to understand, why people have another opinion, “try out” for some time if this opinion works for me and then accepting or rejecting that opinion/position/view.

For example: I have always had long hair and split ends. Guess that I didn’t understand that I need to use conditioner to make that go away. My opinion was: chemical stuff can’t help my health or the health of my hair. And I was wrong. When I began using conditioner, the split ends were getting better.

So many things just seem like utter nonsense when you see how people behave sometimes. Like watching casting shows in TV. Like smoking. Like going drinking and dancing in a discotheque. Like making music. I even thought listening to music was a strange behaviour when I was about 14 years old. But after some time, you try things out, and some work for you while others don’t. I began liking music and going out to parties for example, but I never liked smoking even if I tried. Well and then after some time, you even try to understand women – a hopeless attempt, some men might think – but even there you can make progress if you really try to understand their point of view.

What I changed this year

Its just that I have a little bit of free time for the first time in about one year – therefore I’m writing this post. And I’m reflecting on what I changed this very year. Change is usually something people don’t like, because their instincts tell them that change is dangerous and that they should just keep everything as it is, because it won’t get worse that way – that is good for survival, the instinct implies. This instinct is called fear. A small interlude from Dune:

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

If you understand that you can choose what you want to change, if you conquer this instinct, you’ll recognize that every change that you do is a positive change in the end. Otherwise you wouldn’t have accepted it … or you just undo it and change back.

And I changed a lot of little things this year. My dear. I hope you my dear reader can reflect the changes you went through this year too. If you want, you should also make a small blog post about what happend this year in your life, because I’d really like to read that. I came to the point where I can say that I love changes – and hearing about them. So this year:

  • I began my diploma thesis on 01.01.2009 and over the course of the year, I needed to unclutter my life to be able to get it done. Some would call this lifehacking. I just stopped playing computer games. Boom. 30% more time. I stopped organizing my week and began organizing my day. Boom. 100% more things got done. I began struturing my online information-digestion through feeds and twitter. Boom. Learning stuff while keeping yourself informed in the shortest time possible. All impressive changes, and needed ones, if you want to use time more effectively.
  • I found a job at the local software company Abelssoft. My salary is fine and didn’t need a car to get to work – again a lot of money saved. My colleagues are very nice and I like working with them – and I also like the work itself, which is a very important matter in being happy, I believe. I also just learned a new programming language (C# .NET) and Abelssoft paid a certificate that measures this skill. Thanks again! You can follow @Abelssoft on Twitter, and this is the website (german verison here).
  • I bought a flat with my girlfriend. A big one. In the times of economic crisis and a drop in (bank) interests, it seemed the smartest thing from a economic perspective. But if you think about the non-economic perspective, its a way more binding statement towards my girlfriend, than a marriage would be. And I’m very happy about my decision. Believe me, the flat is completely new, big and I feel superb when I’m there.
  • I left the church. That means approximately +400€ per year. Nice. I never really believes in god anyways, and if I did, I don’t think Jesus would love me more if I paid the church’s fees.
  • Now for some more little things which changed in my information-digestion: Feedly. After learning what feeds are and how to use them via the Firefox-addon Brief, I just switched to Google Reader to be able to synchronize my feeds (and mainly let those that I have already read not show up anymore) with my iPhone feed-reader. Now that I use Google Reader which in my opinion has a cluttered and unintuitive interface, I found the Feedly-firefox plugin, that lets my feeds look like a newspaper. Hooray, the times of dead paper are gone – and with this kind of interface, maybe I can teach my girlfriend to use feeds someday too.
  • I began listening to podcasts on the bike. Used music before, but riding bike is pretty boring, and I more like listening to music while I’m cleaning up or doing the dishes or something. Fould the following podcasts (both german) to be very interesting: Z and Bitsundso.
  • Another small thing that impact my personal life more than I would have ever imagined: the iPhone. I learned how to use this device as personal organizer (respectively main calendar), ToDo-list, shopping list, feedreader, client for all social networks I use (Twitter, Facebook, Xing, StudiVZ), TV-guide, online-banking-client (damn, I can do bank transfers everywhere with this thing!), (video) camera, instant messenger, radio, podcast-player, music player, navigation-device, pdf-document-reader, voice recorder, gaming device (did you know we have Command and Conquer, Duke Nukem, Need for Speed and many more really good things?), weather information service, eBay-client (which works better and more intuitive than the actual ebay-website), wireless USB-stick, translator, YouTube-client and even TV-reciever (okay, I don’t get too many channels with it). And I can use it as telephone too. You wouldn’t believe it! In one tiny device. All very usable. Thats definitely an upgrade for my personal management.

So I hope your lives got some upgrades too, I’m very pleased with mine this year. For the next year, I’ll have a small list of goals that I want to get done (and that I just entered in my ToDo’s goals section):

  • Try getting more professional at my job.
  • Buy some stuff, so the new flat isn’t all that empty.
  • Write some more blog posts.
  • Main point: I’ll try meeting more friends – I kinda lost sight of them this year and definitely have to change that. But from now on, I’ll have at least my weekends free to tackle that.
  • Play more pen and paper role-playing-games. I miss that, was always fun.
  • Go on vacation with my girl.
  • Get a private server-machine running 24/7. Needs to be low-energy-comsuming and not too expensive. And needs to be silent.
  • Set up a new blog. This wordpress thingy here is too slow, the design isn’t what I want now, and I plain hate PHP. Whats your pick for another blogging platform?
  • Buy a playstation 3 – the Wii has too many bad games, I want more good stuff. And a blueray player too.
  • Pay back the money my parents borrowed me.
  • Upgrade iPhone when there’s time. If you’ll jailbreak, its more time investment, so you gotta plan wisely.

Feel free to answer with your own changes from this year or your plans for next year. Expect to hear more from me more regularly, like every week. Or something like that. Over and out for this week.

, Posted Sunday, November 8th, 2009 under Philosophisches.


  1. Use jekyll ( as blogging platform. It is a static site generator, you have to use git or something similar, but it is very straightforward as a blogging platform in my opinion. Because it uses static sites, caching is no problem und you have not to worry about updating your blogging platform twice a week ;) With disqus, you can also integrate a commenting system into the static site. I’m just experementing by myself with jekyll and it is absolutely the system I want to blog with.
    My site ist made with jekyll, but the posts there are now not more than test posts, I want to start the blog from scratch in the next days and do blogging in english. And you can write your blogposts with markdown or textile and you have never to worry about backing up your database again! The blog entries are all written as textfiles, and since these blogentries are stored in your git repository, you have automagically backed it up!

  2. Thanks for the input, I’ll definiely take a look at that. More thought about Movable Type so far, as they got a lot of community support and Perl under the hood, which has an optimal performance for text-base processing –> blogs.

  3. Hatebreeder says:

    Hmm, ist die PS3 nicht kontraproduktiv gegenüber deiner Einstellung weniger Computerspiele zu spielen?
    Und zum Thema RPG sage ich nur Fantasyground…..
    Ich bin persönlich mal gespannt, wo ich nächstes Jahr bin. Der heutige Termin beim Arbeitsamt, war da weniger gut. Arbeitslosigkeit in München kann man sich nicht leisten……:(

  4. Fantasygrounds sieht interessant aus, könnte man einsetzen, wenn mal jemand das örtlich nicht schaffen kann, anwesend zu sein. Ich werde definitiv lieber vor Ort sein, sonst bin ich eh wieder zwischendurch abgelenkt, und das ist ja nicht der Sinn der Sache.

    Die PS3 würde nur das abendliche Entspannungsfernsehen ersetzen und nicht das tägliche arbeiten ;-)

  5. Hatebreeder says:

    Ich schaff es eher nicht örtlich vor Ort zu sein. Semmel wäre auch dabei, das zu benutzen. Und zusammen mit Webcam etc. wäre ich dann quasi problemlos dabei.

  6. I really loved the read of your article and think exactly the same. In the last year I completely changed my life, not only the little things…but I do not regret it. People sometimes need a real change, something that makes them start a new life.

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